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Single-Serving Superfood Quinoa Bean Salad

Discover the Quinoa Bean Salad made from a single serving only. A recipe that outshines others with its quick preparation and health-packed ingredients. Ideal for any season and perfect for those on-the-go, this plant-based protein-rich dish offers a deliciously versatile solution for both main and side dishes.

A vintage plate with boiled quinoa, sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado, chopped parsley, sliced bell peppers and canned beans.

This quinoa bean salad is ideal for a quick lunch or dinner as it stands out for its ease and convenience. You’ll fall in love with its simplicity, requiring just a handful of common ingredients.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you – this salad is a powerhouse of plant-based proteins, making it a wonderfully healthy option.

Whether you’re looking for a satisfying main dish or a complementary side, this quinoa bean salad fits the bill perfectly. It’s not just delicious; it’s incredibly versatile too. It adapts seamlessly to various occasions, making it a go-to recipe for any time of the year.

Imagine a dish that’s as fitting for a cozy dinner at home as it is for a festive gathering. That’s the beauty of this salad. It’s designed for the dynamic lifestyle of young professionals who value health, taste, and efficiency in their meals.

So, let’s dive into this culinary delight and whip up a salad that’s as nourishing as it is delightful.

🌟 Recipe Tips

  • Rinse Quinoa Thoroughly. Quinoa has a natural coating called saponin that can give it a bitter taste. Rinse it under cold water before cooking to remove this coating. This ensures your quinoa is flavorful and free of any bitterness.
  • Use Fresh Ingredients. Freshness is key for a vibrant salad. Use ripe avocados, crisp bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. Fresh ingredients not only taste better but also add more nutrients to your meal.
  • Let the Salad Rest. After mixing all the ingredients, let your salad rest for about 10 minutes. This allows the flavors to meld together, enhancing the overall taste of the dish.
  • Adjust Seasonings. Before serving, taste your salad and adjust the seasonings if necessary. A little extra pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, or an extra squeeze of lemon juice can make a big difference.
  • Serve at the Right Temperature. This salad can be served either chilled or at room temperature. If you’ve stored it in the fridge, take it out a few minutes before serving to let it come to a slightly warmer temperature, which can enhance its flavors.
  • Be Mindful of Avocado. Add avocado just before serving to prevent it from browning. If you plan to store the salad, you might want to add fresh avocado each time you serve it.

🥘 Ingredients & Substitutes

Quinoa, bell peppers, canned beans, cherry tomatoes, avocado, parsley and tahini on a white marble surface.
  • Quinoa: This superfood forms the base of your salad, offering a nutty flavor and a great source of protein. If you’re out of quinoa, try couscous or brown rice, which will give a similar texture and nutritional profile.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon adds a zesty, fresh tang to the salad. If lemons aren’t handy, lime or even a dash of white wine vinegar can provide that necessary acidic kick.
  • Canned Beans: Beans are a great source of protein and fiber, giving the salad its hearty element. If you don’t have canned beans, cooked lentils or chickpeas are excellent alternatives that still pack a protein punch.
  • Avocado: It’s all about the creamy texture and healthy fats with avocado. No avocado? Try a dollop of Greek yogurt or some diced cucumber for that creamy element and freshness.
  • Tomatoes: These offer juiciness and a hint of acidity. If you’re out of tomatoes, try using diced strawberries or even pomegranate seeds for a sweet, tart twist.
  • Tahini: This sesame seed paste adds a unique, nutty flavor to the dressing. If you’re out of tahini, try using almond butter or even a bit of creamy peanut butter for a similar richness.
  • Parsley: Fresh parsley brings a bright, herby note. If you don’t have parsley, cilantro or even basil can be good substitutes, adding a fresh, aromatic touch to the salad.

👩‍🍳 Directions

First, we need to cook the quinoa. Boil it in a large pot of water with a pinch of salt, and let it simmer until it becomes “al dente.”

Once the quinoa is cooked, drain it using a sieve. Meanwhile, prepare the other ingredients.

In a bowl, mix the ingredients for the dressing: lemon juice, tahini, oil, and salt.

White sauce bowl with tahini, lemon juice, salt and olive oil.

Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces, varying the shapes for more visual appeal on the plate. Once everything is chopped, we can start assembling the salad.

At the bottom of the plate, lay out the cooked quinoa, then layer the other ingredients on top.

A vintage plate with boiled quinoa, sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado, chopped parsley, sliced bell peppers and canned beans.

Pour the previously prepared dressing over the salad, and now it’s ready to be enjoyed.

Woman hand holding a salad dressing over quinoa and beans salad.

Mix and eat immediately while the ingredients still retain their texture and color.

A vintage plate with boiled quinoa, sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado, chopped parsley, sliced bell peppers and canned beans.

🍴 How to Double the Recipe:

As this salad is a simple recipe, all you will need to double or triple the Single-Serving Quinoa Bean Salad recipe, simply multiply the quantities of each ingredient by two or three, respectively.

Remember to taste and adjust the seasoning as needed, since doubling or tripling the ingredients may require slight modifications for the perfect balance of flavors.

🍽️ Servings

On a Bed of Greens

  • Components: Add fresh mixed greens such as spinach, arugula, or baby kale underneath your salad.
  • Presentation: Place the mixed greens as a base layer on a plate, then scoop the salad on top. Garnish with a lemon wedge or a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
  • Occasion: Perfect for a light lunch or as a nutritious starter for dinner.

With Grilled Protein

  • Components: Accompany your salad with grilled chicken, fish, or tofu.
  • Presentation: Slice the grilled protein and arrange it beside the salad. Drizzle some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon over the top for extra zest.
  • Occasion: Great for a fulfilling dinner or post-workout meal.

As a Wrap Filling

  • Components: Use a whole wheat or spinach wrap, adding hummus or Greek yogurt.
  • Presentation: Spread hummus or yogurt on the wrap, add the salad, and roll it up tightly. Cut in half to showcase the colorful filling.
  • Occasion: Ideal for a quick lunch on-the-go or a healthy snack.

With a Crunchy Topping

  • Components: Top with chopped nuts like almonds or walnuts, or homemade croutons.
  • Presentation: Sprinkle the nuts or croutons over the salad just before serving to maintain their crunch.
  • Occasion: Perfect when you want to add a bit of texture to your meal, suitable for any time.

Alongside Soup

  • Components: Pair with a light vegetable or lentil soup.
  • Presentation: Serve the salad in a small bowl next to a larger bowl of soup. Garnish both with a dash of fresh herbs for a cohesive look.
  • Occasion: Ideal for a comforting and balanced dinner on a cool evening.

With a Side of Fruit

  • Components: Serve with apple slices, berries, or your favorite seasonal fruit.
  • Presentation: Arrange the fruit neatly on the side of the plate, providing a contrast in colors and flavors.
  • Occasion: A great choice for a refreshing and light summer meal or brunch.

As a Stuffed Bell Pepper Filling

  • Components: Use a hollowed-out bell pepper.
  • Presentation: Stuff the pepper with the salad, bake briefly, and serve on a plate with a side salad or garnish.
  • Occasion: Perfect for a creative and visually appealing dinner or when hosting a small gathering.

🍽️ Variations

Greek-Style Salad

  • Ingredients: Add kalamata olives, feta cheese, and cucumber. Swap parsley with fresh oregano or dill.
  • Dressing: Use a Greek-inspired dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, and a touch of honey.
  • Perfect For: A refreshing lunch that brings a taste of the Mediterranean to your table.

Mexican-Inspired Salad

  • Ingredients: Include corn, black beans, and chopped cilantro. Add diced jalapeño for heat.
  • Dressing: A lime-based dressing with a hint of cumin and chili powder.
  • Perfect For: A vibrant and flavorful option for spice lovers.

Asian Fusion Salad

  • Ingredients: Mix in edamame, shredded carrots, and sliced green onions.
  • Dressing: Use a dressing made from soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and a bit of ginger.
  • Perfect For: An adventurous palate looking for bold and exotic flavors.

Italian Twist

  • Ingredients: Incorporate sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella balls, and basil leaves.
  • Dressing: A simple balsamic vinaigrette works wonderfully.
  • Perfect For: A hearty yet fresh meal that’s reminiscent of Italian summer.

Sweet and Crunchy Salad

  • Ingredients: Add dried cranberries or raisins, sliced apple, and toasted pecans or walnuts.
  • Dressing: A maple syrup and mustard vinaigrette complements this version.
  • Perfect For: When you crave a salad with a sweet twist.

❄️ Storage

  • Airtight Containers: Use an airtight container to store the salad. This keeps out moisture and other flavors from the fridge, preserving the taste and freshness of the salad.
  • Refrigeration: Store the salad in the fridge, where it will stay fresh for up to 3 days. Ensure the refrigerator temperature is set below 40°F (around 4°C) for optimal storage.
  • No Freezing: It’s not recommended to freeze this salad. Freezing can drastically change the texture of fresh ingredients like avocado, tomatoes, and bell peppers, making them mushy once thawed.
  • Stir Before Serving: If the salad has been sitting in the fridge, give it a good stir before serving to redistribute flavors and dressing.

🤔 FAQs

What Is the Best Way to Cook Quinoa for the Salad?

To cook quinoa perfectly, use a 2:1 ratio of water to quinoa. Bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes until the grains are translucent and the spirals are visible. Let it cool before adding it to the salad.

Can I Substitute Canned Beans with Dried Beans?

Yes, you can use dried beans, but they need to be cooked first. Soak them overnight, then cook in boiling water until tender. This process takes longer but can be a great option if you prefer using dried beans.

What Type of Tahini Is Best for the Dressing?

Use a well-stirred, smooth tahini for the best consistency in the dressing. It should be runny rather than solid, which helps in mixing it smoothly with the other dressing ingredients.

Can This Salad Be Served as a Main Dish?

Certainly! This salad is filling enough to be a main dish, especially if you add a protein like grilled chicken, tofu, or even extra beans. It’s a complete meal with a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

📔 Recipe Card:

A vintage plate with boiled quinoa, sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado, chopped parsley, sliced bell peppers and canned beans.

Single-Serving Superfood Quinoa Bean Salad

Discover the convenience of single-serving quinoa bean salad. Ideal for on-the-go meals – health-packed and versatile.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Salad
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 1
Calories 491 kcal


  • cup Quinoa
  • ½ cup Canned Beans
  • ½ piece Avocado
  • ¼ piece Bell Peppers
  • 3 piece Cherry tomato
  • 2 tablespoon Parsley
  • 2 teaspoons Tahini Paste
  • 1 teaspoons Lemon Juice
  • 1 ½ teaspoons Olive Oil
  • Salt


  • Begin by boiling the quinoa in a large amount of water with a pinch of salt. This should take about 15 minutes.
    ⅕ cup Quinoa
  • While the quinoa is cooking, prepare the dressing by mixing lemon juice, oil, tahini, and salt.
    2 teaspoons Tahini Paste, 1 teaspoons Lemon Juice, Salt, 1 ½ teaspoons Olive Oil
  • Chop the vegetables into comfortable, bite-sized pieces.
    ½ piece Avocado, 3 piece Cherry tomato, 2 tablespoon Parsley, ¼ piece Bell Peppers
  • Once the quinoa is cooked, drain it well and place it on a plate.
  • Add the previously prepared vegetables and beans on top of the quinoa.
    ½ cup Canned Beans
  • Drizzle the salad with the dressing and serve.


  • Spice It Up: If you enjoy a bit of heat, consider adding a pinch of red pepper flakes or a dash of hot sauce to the dressing. This can add an exciting kick to the salad.
  • Nutty Additions: For an extra crunch and a dose of healthy fats, consider adding a handful of your favorite nuts. Chopped almonds, walnuts, or pecans work wonderfully.
  • Serving Size Adjustments: While this recipe is for a single serving, it can easily be doubled or tripled for meal prepping or serving multiple people. Just maintain the proportions to keep the flavors balanced.
  • Dressing on the Side: If you anticipate leftovers, consider keeping the dressing separate and adding it just before serving. This keeps the ingredients fresh and prevents them from getting soggy.
  • Quinoa Cooking Tip: To enhance the flavor of quinoa, cook it in vegetable or chicken broth instead of water. This adds an extra layer of flavor to the salad.
  • Avocado Storage Tip: If you have leftover avocado, store it with the pit in and a light coat of lemon juice to help prevent browning.


Calories: 491kcalCarbohydrates: 50gProtein: 14gFat: 29gSaturated Fat: 4gSodium: 250mgPotassium: 1178mgFiber: 16gSugar: 5gVitamin A: 2013IUVitamin C: 73mgCalcium: 87mgIron: 5mg
Keyword Canned Beans, Quinoa
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